OpenSource Content Management…it’s a wonderful thing

27 03 2009

Ahhhh OpenSource. It makes me smile 🙂

Now I don’t use it for my Ring Guard site, because I like to keep it html simple (it works for me), but OpenSource is great for promoting business (or yourself) to the masses.

OpenSource is pretty much a nice bundle of PHP programming wrapped up with a nice red bow. Just like a BIG Christmas gift to the layman with a website.

A bunch of really nice people, who enjoy doing php programming for fun (errrrr – wow) all got together and worked on providing this gift as if they were little elves working for Santa (or builders with Homes for Humanity) . You gotta love them just for that alone!

How does one use OpenSource?

OH MY GOSH it’s so easy you’re going to love it.

1. Go to an OpenSource website – my personal favorite is Joomla. Check out what templates they have, do they offer what is important to you? Blog templates? Contact forms? Available feeds…whatever you want.

2. If the available layouts fit your needs, then download the latest version. Make sure your host is PHP compatible. I know mine is BecoTech.

3. Unzip what you downloaded and upload it all to your server. If you can create a database in mysql do it (or ask your host to and have them send you the path, username and password)

4. Go through the online set up (step by step in your browser once uploaded).

5. Set the config file (it’ll even give you the code, just save it as the file to upload)

6. Delete the setup file from the server and then log into the Content Management interface and start creating the content for your site! Ta Da! Done

7. If you don’t want to customize it (or are a bit shy to try) then you can pay someone. I recently customized this Heir Locator site – now we just have to move the new domain to it ( and they can start creating new menu items and content themselves.

OpenSource….I love it!


I hate when my site is down

27 03 2009

Really! I hate it! I really really hate it.

I sit there and wonder. How long has it been down? When it will return? Where does it go? Should I panic? Why are my toes cold (easily distracted i know)?

Am I addicted to my website? Do I depend on it too much…This is bad. I flash back to 16 yrs old sitting in my room by the phone – picking it up every 2 minutes to be sure it’s still working.

Maybe my site will be back soon. We all need to have hope. Hope has helped me through past “Page Load Error” times.

Sometimes all you can do is go watch a bear mauling on the discovery channel.

*reloads my site page one more time*

[ Ok, In the time it took me to: take that screen shot, crop it, size it, and upload it to blogger – my site came back up!! YAY!! See! All it takes is a bit of Hope and something to occupy your mind.]