I always wanted to try “Mystery Shopping”…

9 03 2009

Ever since the 80’s when I had a job at Shell (a gas station for those of you who are not familiar) and I “won” a check for $25 for good service I was intrigued – Thanks mystery shopper!

I remembered thinking “somewhere, out there…there is a job where you shop…I want one

Some 20-odd years later, I thought I’d give it a try. There are many Mystery Shopping firms out there. Some are total scams BEWARE but others are totally legit. I’ll update you of course on the choice I made and if it went well later but first here’s some info:

  • If you’re asked to pay for mystery shopping info – BEWARE
  • If your offered high pay to do a shop – BEWARE
  • If you are made to purchase the forms or the items you’re shopping beforehand – BEWARE
  • If your asked to “shop” for large money orders – BE EXTRA AWARE!

Signing up for a Mystery Shopping program can be scary – especially if they require you to send them picture ID (IE Drivers lic.), people are worried of scams and identity theft.

I signed up for one (after researching many and checking out the company info)- I do my first shops in 2 weeks so I’ll be able to let you know if I found it worthwhile, as well as which firm I joined. No use saying yet, I’d hate for people to run out and sign up only to find out later I found out I was scammed!



One response

16 05 2009


I did my shops and got paid (not to mention 4 free subway lunches – I now can not look at another sub) so as promised here is the company info!! Join http://trendsource.com/ to start mystery shopping today

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