How to keep and grow your customer list

14 01 2009

People ask me all the time how I get so many customers for my website. It’s not a fancy dangle site like others. It’s not a recognizable “Brand” name and I don’t do email marketing to previous customers, or offer a newletter! How How How can my site be doing as well as I say??!

I’ll let you in on my secret.

  • It’s one that has lasted the test of time.
  • A secret that ALWAYS works!
  • One that everyone knows, and everyone can do.


Yes that’s right. The old “The customer is always right”. One thing I offer my customers is a money back guarantee. No questions asked, if they wish to return the items they will be refunded their money (all except the original mail cost but I only charge what the post office charges!) I don’t tack on any so called “handling charges” or “restocking fees”. I stand by my guarantee even if the product was used for 30 days.

I always respond to customers emails as soon as I get them. Sometimes emails get lost in cyber space and I can’t help that but that’s why I use paypal. If the customer can’t reach me by email, you can bet they will let paypal know. Paypal emails always seem to reach me but it also shows right on my interface page if there are any opened disputes.

Each customer is a potential marketing tool! I always ask for customers to remember our site and to recommend us to any friends or family. Guess what…when they are happy…they will even tell strangers! Especially in the “social networking” era.

It really is an easy thing to do. Treat customers like you would want to be treated.



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